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Boniface Chikwenhere

and his Driftwood Creations





Was it Aristotle who made the claim that "Art completes what nature cannot"? Perhaps in fairness to nature, it might be more correct to rather say, "Art completes what nature has not yet had the time to finish."


For certainly, many artists will with brushes or carving chisels add finishing strokes to the scenes or images they mimic from nature, simply freezing up some parts that are as they want them to look, and speeding up the maturing of others. I try to be such an artist - but with a difference.





About my Work




I acknowledge that Nature has done much of the work for me and it is only up to me to finish off what Nature has started.


Because of this, I look for my raw material in nature's recycle bin, recovering bits of driftwood that using both my instinct and imagination, I give new life and form. The results are intriguing works of art that often even surprise me, because while they retain the weathered character of their downward slide into decomposition, they also proudly bear a new or renewed aspect, reflecting the many faces of the spirit of African.




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